Road of Bones

Over 2000km east of Yakutsk, 8 time zones away from Moscow on Russia’s Pacific Ocean coast, is a city called Magadan, also known as the “Gateway to Hell”. It got this nickname as it was the port where political prisoners were shipped in by their millions under Stalin to be worked, frozen and starved to death in the country’s harshest gulag camps – those in Kolyma, the region between Yakutsk and Magadan.

The Road of Bones between Yakutsk and Magadan

The Road of Bones between Yakutsk and Magadan

A single dirt track links the towns of Yakutsk and Magadan, usually referred to as the “Road of Bones”, due to the vast number of prisoners who died building it. It takes hardy travellers through some of Yakutia’s coldest regions, through bear-infested areas inhabited by nomadic reindeer herders and horse herders. Travellers will get to visit extremely well-preserved gulag camps and whole abandoned towns, do mountain treks to the jaw-dropping 35 metre tall kisilyakh rock pillars, and much more.

We have two itineraries where travellers can experience the Road of Bones:

1. Road of Bones

2. Overland to Chukotka