Ysyakh Festival

Once a year in late June an enormous festival called Ysyakh takes place in every settlement across Yakutia in honour of the gods and the rebirth of nature after the long winter. The biggest such festival is at Us Khatyn near Yakutsk. Nigh on 100,000 people come from all over Yakutia and it goes on for two days with religious ceremonies, traditional sports such as horse racing, Yakut wrestling and tug of war, all night traditional improvised dancing called Osoukhay and much drinking of kumis (fermented horse milk).

A visit to Ysyakh can be done as a stand-alone trip, or can be added onto the beginning or end of the following pre-made itineraries:

1. Road of Bones

2. Horse and Reindeer Herders

Ysyakh festival, Yakutia

Ysyakh festival, Yakutia