Welcome to Yakutia

Welcome to Yakutia, the largest of the republics making up the Russian Federation. With a land area almost the size of India but with a population of only 900,000, Yakutia is one of the only places in the world with enormous tracts of what can truly be called wilderness. This land of extremes is also the coldest inhabited part of the world: in summer, temperatures can hit +40°C, whereas in winter, temperatures in the -70s have been officially registered, and unofficially in the -80s.

Lena Pillars, Yakutia

Lena Pillars, Yakutia

Travellers in this vast and stunningly beautiful land can visit nomadic indigenous reindeer herders and horse herders, who travel on sledges drawn by their respective animals, can go trekking in some of the world’s most spectacular mountain scenery and can make genuine scientific discoveries at mammoth graveyards isolated deep in the tundra. You will enjoy the hospitality of indigenous Yakut, Evenki and Dolgan people, who live in isolated settlements or nomad camps thousands of kilometres from the rearest road or railway. They will happily introduce you to their traditional culture and animistic, shamanistic religions.

Although there are almost no permanent roads, in winter a network of “zimniki“, or temporary winter tracks on frozen river surfaces, opens up otherwise inaccessible parts of the province. This provides adventurous tourists with the opportunity for epic overland trips to the Arctic, including from Yakutia to Chukotka, the remotest and most exotic part of Siberia.

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